Mountain biking

MTB rental and guided tours.

In our outdoor office in cetre of kobarid we offer you rental of mountainbikes of differente sizes:
  • for adults
  • for children
  • optional baby seat for bikes
Besides bike rental, you will recieve also cycling helet and quick fix tools in case of flat tire in case needed. Bikes are regulary maintained.

Prices for bike rental:
HALF DAY (from 14:00 until 18:00): 15,00€                                 
ALL DAY 20,00€

MTB for beginners

Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Lenght: 24km
Description: This is a beautifull bike tour for beginners along the Nadiža river. The trail starts off in Kobarid an is a mixture of asfalt and gravel trails. The hardest part of the trail lasts only 2 km. The trail consists in wooden areas with small uphills and downhills.

MTB intermediate

Duration: 4 – 6 hours
Lenght: 16km
Description: Start of the trail from Kobarid, cycling along the Soča trail and continue up towards village Magozd and Drežnica under the beautiful Krn mountain. This part is the more demanding part of the tour.

MTB advanced

Duration: 5 – 7 hours
Lenght: 39 km
Description: This bike tour is one of our best mountain bike trails with great views down to the Nadiža and Soča valleys. The most demanding part is at the start where we cycle from Učja to the mountain Stol sadle. From there we continue along the ridge of the mountain and then nice downhill Kobarid. The downhill section is not too demanding or steep.

X POINT d.o.o.

    Trg svobode 6, 5222 Kobarid
     05 388 53 08


  Peter said:
"We were doing 3 - day kayak school and it was great! Thx a lot!"
   Dina said:
"Thank you for all those nice days. Best rafting ever!"
   Mike says:
"Hostel is so clean and nice. Very kind and helpful staff. Thank you!"
   Gaynar says::
Fabulous day on the river - great staff and great experience."
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